OFW thanks airport police officer for help

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Airport Police Officer Joebert Besonia

AN overseas Filipino worker posted on her Facebook account how grateful she was for   the help of an airport policeman assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 so she could get to her flight to Bahrain on August 11.

Mary Jane Abalos, in her post, lauded airport police officer Joebert Besonia who provided her P20.00  to board an airport loop shuttle bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3.

Abalos said she arrived at the NAIA Terminal 1 four hours ahead of her flight to Bahrain, but later she realized that she was at the wrong terminal because her airline was at NAIA Terminal 3.

Abalos recalled that she only had a few US dollars in her wallet as her pocket money to buy her food until she reaches Bahrain and she had no more Philippine peso left.

Abalos said she saw airport police Besonia standing a few meters away from where she was standing and he apparently sensed her problem.

She said Besonia approached her and asked how he could help her. Abalos said she told Besonia that she was at the wrong terminal  and she needed to be at the NAIA Terminal 3, but she had no more money.

Besonia flagged down the approaching shuttle bus and asked the driver to drop Abalos at NAIA Terminal 3 and before the driver closed the bus door,  Besonia handed the driver a P20.00 note for her fare.

After arriving in Bahrain, Abalos posted about her gratitude to Begonia.

“Thank you very much, sir, sana marami pang katulad mo [hope there are more people like you]. I salute you sir,” Abalos said.