Woman arrested after promising Pinays work as Justin Bieber’s helpers

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Bieber (photo taken from his IG account)

Manila—-Do you want to work for an international pop superstar?

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested an illegal recruiter in Laguna who offered women jobs at the mansion of Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber in the Caribbean.

NBI agents arrested Mary Jane Gomez Macapayag after she asked P100,000 (around HK$15,000) from applicants who were told that they were going to work in Bieber’s mansion in the Cayman Islands, according to a report on GMA Channel 7.

The suspect alleged told the women that aside from seeing Bieber up close and personal, they were going to get a “very good compensation” package.

Some of the applicants told investigators that they were excited at the prospect of working for the 24-year-old superstar and one women even reportedly decided to stop going to school in preparation for her job in Bieber’s mansion.

The complainants included Macapayag’s own friends who could not believe that the recruiter deceived them.

The NBI set an entrapment operation against the suspect, who entertained applicants at her boutique.

During the entrapment operation, Macapayag apparently realized that she was going to be arrested and threw some of the marked peso bills under a table but she was still arrested and charged with large-scale estafa.

During the investigation, the NBI agents learned that Macapayag had pending illegal recruitment and estafa cases in Manila.

On the other hand, the suspect asked for forgiveness from her victims, adding that she was in desperate need of money.

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Macapayag is not authorized to recruit Filipinos for jobs outside the Philippines.

The authorities reminded those seeking employment abroad to check with the POEA to find out if their recruitment agency is licensed to deploy overseas Filipino workers.

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