Owtel store to open in Taiwan

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When David Chen, founder and chief executive officer of Owtel, envisaged a company that would become a household name, he knew that the company would have to expand its reach across the globe.

Next month, Chen and Owtel will take another step in realizing that vision when Owtel opens its first store in Taiwan.

“With our expansion in Taiwan, we will bring the same high-quality products and service that Owtel is known for,” Chen said. “The Owtel team is ready to serve Taiwan, and we have lined up exciting promotions for our Taipei customers.”

The Owtel store is located at the popular and convenient location—No. 25, Section 3, Zhongshan District, Taipei City. Like its Hong Kong stores, the Taipei store offers products, smartphones, appliances, electronic devices and gadgets are offered at discounted prices. Owtel stores can also be found in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Macau.

“We have everything in our Owtel Store. We have gadgets consumer products, and electronic devices. We have the latest, the shiniest, and the trendiest. Name it, we have it,” Chen said.

Chen started Owtel or One World Telecom in 1999, after working in the United States for companies such as AT&T, Bank of America, and Cisco. His heart had always been set to owning his own business, and forging his own path.

“That’s always been a childhood dream of mine. That goes way back when I was in high school and in my college days. I’ve always wanted to have a business but it didn’t happen overnight,” Chen said.

“My mom said, ‘David, you should go get a job, and get some work experience, before owning a business. It is good to learn and see the world first.”

Four years after incorporating Owtel, the business ventured into putting up Owtel Store, which sold phones from various brands.

Owtel’s expansion did not stop there. It also began selling other electronic products to serve the needs of Hong Kong customers.

Owtel has been at the forefront of innovation to ensure that it continues to be on top in meeting the needs of the various markets that it serves.

It recently launched the Owtel Voucher, which allows users to buy products and services without forking out any cash.

For Chen, this innovation signifies what Owtel stands for and its commitment to its customers.

“There is more in store for our customers. This is our commitment — to be the best in our field, and in turn, offer only the best to the market,” he said.

The Owtel store in Taiwan is just the next step in Chen’s vision to make Owtel a household name worldwide.