Prime Visa Credit Card and Prime Gems Mobile App by PrimeCredit

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LEADING finance company PrimeCredit launched two new exciting projects on August 20. One is a credit card especially for migrant workers, and the second is a mobile app. “This Visa credit card from Prime Credit is the first credit card issued exclusively for FDWs in Hong Kong. Basically, with a Prime Visa Credit Card, the card holder can make purchases at supermarkets, shops in the shopping center comfortably,” said Louise Vas, Marketing Manager from PrimeCredit on the launching of the credit card.According to Vas, the credit card can also be used for online transactions such as airline ticket purchasing, online shopping, and more.

In addition, the Visa credit card from PrimeCredit can also be used to get an emergency cash advance for emergency needs. The holder of the credit card can withdraw cash in advance without having to go to PrimeCredit branch offices and submit requirements again. Subject to existing credit limits, credit card holders can withdraw cash at any

ATM with VISA PLUS logo, or even at PrimeCredit branches.To avail of the Prime Visa Credit Card,a foreign domestic worker must have been continuously employed for five years with the same employer, and the expiration date of the contract should not be less than six months. The PrimeCredit Visa credit card holder can make payments at the nearest PrimeCredit branch or at 7 Eleven, by showing the bill statement that would be available via the Prime Gems Mobile App. Prime Credit will not mail the credit card statement to protect the privacy of Prime Visa Credit Card holder. “As this is the first time that a credit card is issued to FDWs in Hong Kong, PrimeCredit has received many questions regarding what is a credit card, how to
use it and others. We are present to assist them to understand the Prime Visa Credit Card,” Vas said.

However, she added that the important thing is for Prime Visa Credit Card holders to spend what they can only afford. “We always stress to only borrow what you can afford,” Vas said.
For hotline service, credit card holders can contact the number on the card from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. FDWs can also go to nearest PrimeCredit branch for in-
quiries. The Prime Gems Mobile App is now available for free at the App Store (for IOS device) and Google Play Store (for Android device).