‘Welcome the Year of the Pig at Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai’

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Lee Tung Avenue festivities

To welcome the Year of the Pig, Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai, a joint project of the Urban Renewal Authority and Sino Land Company Limited, is pulling out all the stops with Hong Kong’s largest outdoor New Year walkway from January 29 to February 28.

Entitled “Prosperous and Auspicious Year of The Pig”, this festive walkway features 668 large red and gold lanterns (668 is a homophone of “all the way to wealth”), which symbolize the wish for a bright and joyful future. Lee Tung Avenue is just across Southorn Playground and is near MTR Exit A3 or D.

The tree-lined walkway is also adorned with 238 gold coins (238 shares the same pronunciation as “wealth comes generously” in Chinese), representing fortune and prosperity.

The image of coins has been common in Chinese culture since time immemorial. As “wealth” is homophonic to “before” in Chinese, and the round hollow shape of a coin looks like an eye, they together signify “wealth is before your eyes”.

By walking along the Avenue beneath fabulous lanterns filled with blessings, visitors can enjoy a dazzling spectacle and share auspicious festive moments with friends and loved ones.

In Chinese tradition, it’s also common for parents to prepare a lantern, which is a symbol of a prosperous future, for their children in the first month of the academic year. Teachers light this lantern in the hope of the students achieving a bright future.

Moreover, “lighting up lanterns” and “having a new-born baby” are homonyms in Chinese, making Lee Tung Avenue the perfect place for families and prospective parents to come and make a wish for both wealth and children!

In the Central Piazza of Lee Tung Avenue, a large piggy “Prosperous and Auspicious Year of The Pig” offers auspicious greetings and blessings for a wealthy and fruitful year ahead.

According to Chinese custom, the pig is regarded as a symbol of children; hence brides receive golden pig jewellery, which is associated with fertility and virility. Moreover, pigs are believed to be highly clever.

Couples who aspire to have babies in this blessed year can come to the Avenue and take pictures with “Prosperous and Auspicious Year of The Pig”. The coins on the giant piggy likewise symbolise wealth accumulation, making it an ideal place for parents to bring their children to wish for great wealth and intelligence!

In addition, Lee Tung Avenue has also joined hands with the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board in its “Save with Confidence‧An Auspicious Year of the Pig” Public Art Exhibition campaign by displaying 66 artistic piggies.

Three of these spectacular piglets are designed by local illustrator, Lee Wai-chun, John Chan and Nicky Sun.  Other eye-catching piglets have been designed by a wide variety of demographics and social groups.

The roving exhibitions can raise public awareness and understanding of the deposit protection scheme. Visitors can come and enjoy this heart-warming new exhibition, while also receiving souvenirs and joining the activities including Red Packet Piggy Bank DIY Workshops, Piggy Bank Painting Workshops, drama and seminar organised by the Board.

From January 31 to February 3, there will be Fai Fortune Giveaways for any purchase from shops at Lee Tung Avenue. All gifts are limited, available while stock lasts.

From January 25 until supplies last, customers can redeem a set of exclusive red packets “Prosperous and Auspicious Year of The Pig” with designated same-day spending from up to two different shops (8 pieces per pack). A lion dance will also be held on February 19 and the audience can receive lucky gold coins and auspicious piggies.