About Us

  • Entrepreneur David Chen is the owner of Hong Kong Publications, which produces HONG KONG NEWS and SUARA, the top foreign newspapers in Hong Kong.
  • Established in September 2001, the two leading papers are also the largest foreign publications in the city, having been in the media business in the last 17 years.
  • The two papers are part of the OWTEL group of companies, a household name when to comes to consumer products and electronic devices.
  • Owtel was founded by Chen in 1999, after working in the US. But his heart had always been set to owning his own business, and forging his own path.
  • Four years after incorporating Owtel, the business ventured into putting up Owtel Store, which then sold phones from various brands. But Owtel’s expansion did not stop there. It also began selling other electronic products that serve the need of Hong Kong customers.
  • Owtel has been at the forefront of innovation to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the various markets that it serves.