Healthy eating tips for eating out

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EATING healthily is fundamental to our health. A healthy and balanced diet can benefit our body by providing an adequate amount of energy and nutrients that can help to maintain health and prevent many non communicable chronic diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and certain cancer etc.

Unhealthy eating habit is closely linked to the development of obesity and chronic diseases. The World Health Organization advises that to reduce the risk of suffering from NCD, people should eat at least 400g of fruit and vegetables a day together with reducing the intake of salt, sugar and fat.

However, eating out frequently often increases the chance of consuming high-energy, high-fat, and salty foods, which may lead to overweight and health problems.

To have a healthier meal while eating out, here are some practical tips. (1) You can choose dishes cooked by steaming; boiling instead of deep fried; (2) choose dishes with more vegetables and less meat; (3) request the restaurant use less sugar, salt and oil while handling the food you order and if possible, (4) serve the sauce of dish and the syrup of the drink separately. (5) Whenever you make an order, you can enquire the portion size of dishes first so as to avoid ordering excessive amount food. (6) Also, don’t force yourself to finish the leftover on the table.

To facilitate the public choosing healthier dishes while eating out, the Department of Health has launched the (ESR) Campaign since 2008. Currently, there are over 600 restaurants participating in this Campaign with the ESR decal displaying at the eye-catching area in their shops.

They provide at least five healthier dishes for customers in their business period. So, you might start to eat smart for benefiting your health in an easier way while dining out. Remember “To Keep healthy whenever, Eat smart wherever”.