AT a time when we are constantly bombarded by news of intolerance, xenophobia, and other discriminatory ills all over the world, it is confounding why a Hong Kong politician would stir a hornet’s nest and identify Filipino household service workers as home wreckers.

Regina Ip has of course (sort of) apologized, but there should have been no need for such if she had been more sensitive to the plight of Filipino household service workers.

We recognize that she had every right to express her belief. There is, after all, freedom of speech in Hong Kong. However, we must remind her that this privilege omes with responsibility. She is a politician, and as a public figure she is someone with authority.

Also, spare a thought for the many Filipino household service workers who left their home and their family so they could provide for their loved ones. A deed of one or several Filipino household service workers should not be made as a basis tocondemn an entire race for the actions of a few.

We hope that Filipinos are not subjected to such an unwarranted statement again. After all, the many Filipino household service workers in the territory help keep the Hong Kong society together by taking care of the children, the sick, and other family members who need their services