Cathay flights to Davao launched

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Cathay Pacific



The Cathay Pacific Group has opened a new route to the Philippines after its regional airline, Cathay Dragon, began flying to Davao from Hong Kong on October 28.

Cathay launched Davao flights, together with another new route to Medan, Indonesia, to provide customers with more choices and strengthen Hong Kong’s status “as Asia’s largest international aviation hub.”

“Davao City and Medan are key trade and tourism centres in their respective regions and are set to play an important role in the Belt and Road Initiative. As such, both present exciting opportunities for business and leisure travelers alike,” the airline said.

“Our convenient new services will capture the demand from Hong Kong and beyond, while at the same time providing customers in the Philippines and Indonesia with more options when connecting to the Cathay Pacific Group’s extensive Mainland China and international networks,” it added.

According to its website, Cathay Dragon flies out of HK to Davao at 12:35 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and arrive in Davao at 3:50 p.m. the same day.

Flights from Davao leave at 4:50 p.m. and arrive in Hong Kong at 8 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the .

Consul General Antonio A. Morales flew on the maiden flight with members of the Hong Kong Consular Corps and business executives for a “familiarization tour” of Davao organized by the Philippine Consulate General.

“It’s a stroke of good fortune for the Consulate that Cathay Dragon had scheduled the first inaugural flight to Davao at around the same time we wanted to put together this year’s familiarization tour to the Philippines,” Morales said.

The 14-member tour delegation was composed of consuls, including from Sri Lanka, Cote d’Ivoire and Mozambique, as well as members of the business community and their families.

It was the first time for most of the tour participants not only to Davao but also to Mindanao, the Philippines’ second biggest island.

“The opening of this route is a concrete manifestation that Davao is an emerging destination in Southeast Asia. We thank you for your trust and confidence in Davao,” said Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio.

“This route is a welcome development, for it grants new possibilities, not only because we intend to position Davao City as the center for trade in Mindanao. May we fly higher to our objective to become the prime tourism and economic hub in Mindanao and the Philippines,” she added.