2 FDWs from Philippines among 8 new Covid-19 cases

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The Centre for Health Protection on Argyle Street in Kowloon City.

Two domestic workers from the Philippines who arrived in Hong Kong two weeks ago were found to have contracted Covid-19, health officials confirmed Tuesday.

A staff member of the Health Department’s information and public relations bureau said the workers, aged 37 and 30, arrived in the city on Feb. 2 via Cebu Pacific flight 5J 272. The member said both tested positive on the second sample.

Of the six local cases, three were previously linked to other confirmed Covid-19 infections. The three cases without a discernible origin were preliminary positive cases yesterday.

Among the cases with an unknown origin of infection is a 39-year-old woman who developed fever and headache on Feb. 9. She went to a general out-patient clinic four days later, and submitted a deep throat saliva sample on Feb. 14.

Another infection without discernible links to date is a 53-year-old senior fireman at Kwai Chung Fire Station, while an 8-year-old female student was also confirmed.

The Hospital Authority also reported the death of another elderly patient with Covid-19 this morning. In a statement on the government website, the HA said an 82-year-old woman with chronic illnesses was admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital on Jan. 20.

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