2 Indonesian FDW arrivals among 16 new Covid-19 cases

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Two Indonesian foreign domestic workers (FDW) who recently arrived in Hong Kong are among the 16 new Covid-19 cases health authorities confirmed on Monday.

The number of coronavirus cases recorded in Hong Kong is now at 10,885. A Health Department staff said around 10 people tested preliminarily positive for the virus.

Three cases were imported—two FDWs and a woman from Indonesia—while four local cases had no epidemiological links to other previously confirmed Covid-19 infections.

The workers, aged 22 and 45, entered Hong Kong via Singapore Airlines flight SQ882 on Feb. 20, the Health Department staff said. The older FDW showed symptoms on the day they arrived.

The four local cases without any traceable source of infection include a 66-year-old postnatal care helper, two retirees, and a computer officer who lives in Heng Hoi House, Heng On Estate Ma On Shan.