DH gets 4-month jail term after falsifying contract to borrow HK$26,000

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Eastern Magistrates' Courts

A Filipina domestic worker faces four months of imprisonment after she pleaded guilty to falsifying an employment contract she presented to creditors.

G. Cabanban, 40 and a mother of 5, admitted to the fraud charge lodged against her before Magistrate Bina Chainrai at the Eastern Magistrates Court Tuesday.

Cabanban was charged with giving a lapsed employment contract to borrow HK$26,000 from Prime Credit on March 23, 2019.

She was only able to pay for three months. When the loaning company called her employer, they found out that Cabanban was terminated the day prior to her application for the loan.

Cabanban’s counsel said the loan was payable for 15 months, with a total sum of HK$34,545. There was still HK$27,646 when Cabanban stopped paying.

The helper left Hong Kong and returned in Sept. 2019 when she got a job as a domestic worker with a new employer.

She was arrested on Feb. 23. Because of her case, she was also terminated by her most recent employer.

The litigator said he understands the seriousness of the charge. He appealed for the shortest sentence possible for Cabanban after he presented a similar case of deception.

He also said the employment contract Cabanban showed was not forged and had only lapsed for the day.

Cabanban also tried to pay the remainder of her loan in May and June this year, but her counsel said she had difficulties raising money since she also had to pay for fees at the agency which processed her papers here in Hong Kong.

Chainrai imposed a sentence starting off from a base jail term of six months, shortening it with Cabanban’s guilty plea taken into account.