Driver admits wounding fellow Pinay over congee

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The Belcher's (Photo: Goggle Maps)

A driver admitted that she wounded a fellow Filipina domestic worker in an upscale residential estate in Shek Tong Tsui over the victim’s supposed bad cooking.

Defendant Maria Fe H.P. pleaded guilty on August 22 to the charge of wounding her compatriot at their employer’s flat on the 17th floor of The Belcher’s Tower 8 three months ago.

“Guilty, sir,” Maria Fe told Eastern Deputy Magistrate Clement Lau Chung-man.

The prosecutor said the incident happened in their employer’s flat on May 22 when the defendant complained about the congee that the victim prepared. Their employer was not home at the time.

“(Maria Fe) had complained before that (the victim) was not good at cooking meals,” the prosecutor said.

The fighting started when defendant complained about the congee she was served and asked if there was any other food like vegetables but was told that there was none.

The driver allegedly got angry and grabbed the pot with the congee and dumped its contents in the sink. The

The prosecutor said Maria Fe then took the lid of the pot and went after the victim. Another Filipino domestic worker employed by their boss heard the commotion and went to the kitchen.

The victim hid behind her as she tried to pacify Maria Fe but the defendant hit the victim twice on the head and nape. She also threw a chair at the victim, hitting her on the shoulder.

The victim then ran to the sala and called the police. She was later brought to the Queen Mary Hospital in Pok Fu Lam, where she was treated because her head was bleeding.

Maria Fe left the flat after the victim informed the employer about what happened. The employer told Maria Fe to return and she was later arrested by the police. During investigation, the defendant admitted to the crime.

The crime of “wounding” is a serious offense and carries a penalty of up to three years imprisonment.

However, Judge Lau called for a community service report and a probation order report to find out if Maria Fe, who is 52, could do community service instead of going to prison.

“Although I’m calling for those reports, all sentencing options (including a prison term) are still open,” Judge Lau said.

The chances of Maria Fe doing community service instead are not good since she had already been fired by her employer and is now living with a cousin here in HK. The Immigration Department extended her visa only because of the pending case against her.

After her conviction, Immigration might reject any new application from her to work with a new employer. Judge Lau adjourned the case to September 18 while Maria Fe was allowed to post bail.