Employer scored for posting online the pictures, private details of Pinay FDH

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One of the posts on the employer's FB Page.

Netizens scored an employer who put up a Facebook page–titled “The World’s Worst Domestic Helper” in Chinese–to complain about her Filipino domestic worker.

Facebook users criticized in particular the employer’s posting online of the Filipina’s pictures, passport details, and also videos of the helper while she was working and allegedly playing games on her cellphone beginning on April 21.

The Chinese employer said she put up the Facebook page to warn her friends about choosing the right helper.

“Madam, by posting these videos and ranting here in Facebook, you are not only telling your friends but the whole world. You are destroying someone’s reputation,” said netizen Joy Perater Heliane in a comment.

“You know what, if you want your helper to respect you, then learn how to treat her nicely. Respect is earned, madam,” she added.

The employer said her helper did not respect her  and “destroyed” appliances in her home.

“She hurt me and destroy so many in my home. Why I can’t tell my friends be careful if choose helper. I just inform the employer not employees,” the employer said.

She claimed the Filipina’s offenses included “destroy microwave, washing machine, toilet cover etc wrong uniform to my son, let them late to school.”

“She didn’t dry bottom of pan/bowl n set fire. Then the gas leakage, it’s very dangerous and will destroy my house, all by her careless mistake,” the employer said.

“She’s not robot, robot is hardworking….If I ask her to help, she always pull angry face to me. So I’m robot n helper, she is not. I work hard in office and at night, can’t stop,” she added

But the netizens pointed out that if the employer had a problem with the worker, she should have contacted her agency or terminated her contract instead of posting her pictures and private details online.

“Posting her face, name, and documents number, is against the law…if you have a problem with her, just break the contract…talk to the agency…you’re just making the problem big…you don’t have to do this..hire a maid that can work with your standards…let go if you’re not happy,” said netizen Sissie Say.

“If she’s impolite, lazy, and no respect, then send her back to the agency where you took her. That’s it,” added netizen Latifa Aifa Salibad.

Others also noted that the employer should not have taken videos of the helper while she was working.

“Respect her privacy and be educated person! Don’t stay by her side while she’s working so she can concentrate on her work,” said netizen Angel Mary Christ Aldamar.

The employer said the Filipina only had to take care of a dog and “the food always prepared, ready…She just mix together. No need to go to market or supermarket.”

“She let gas leakage, nearly destroy my house. You all blindly support her. You don’t know what she did but blame me. I’m the victim, not her,” the employer added.

But netizen Maria Cecellia pointed out that it was easier to deal with a heavy workload with a good employer than having an employer “who always wants to record videos and following you while you are working.”

“If you don’t trust the job of your employee, you better do all your household work and give yourself $4,410 as salary to satisfy yourself,” she added.

On netizen said the employer should have tried her best to talk to her helper nicely instead of letting the situation worsen.

“I think it’s a matter of communication…Why don’t (you) talk to her in a diplomatic way? Ask her what’s really her problem,” said netizen Dulce Jor Rubio.

“Don’t talk to her when she is doing something like cooking because she cannot focus on two (things at the same time). You find her slow moving when doing her job. Maybe, she is just more careful. What if she breaks something…another problem,” she said.

“I’m sure she was rattled because you’re talking a lot…Please slow down and calm down…Good hearts always understand,” she added

As of 4:30 a.m. on May 11, the employer’s Facebook page had eight posts, 203 likes, and 248 followers. It was deleted a few hours later.

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