FDH accused of stealing Pinay’s wallet

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Tsuen Wan Magistracy

A Filipino domestic worker will be tried for allegedly stealing the wallet of a fellow Filipina in Tsuen Wan.

Tsuen Wan Principal Magistrate Cheang Kei-hong set the trial on Oct. 17 for Lorna C.M. after she pleaded not guilty to the charge of theft. The wallet contained $5,000.

The prosecution will present four witnesses against the defendant, who allegedly took the wallet of another Filipino domestic worker in a remittance center in Lik Sang Plaza along Castle Peak Road.

The victim said she was filling up a form when she put her wallet beside her. When she checked it again, it was gone.

On the other hand, Lorna said she found the wallet unattended at the remittance center. She allegedly picked it up because its owner was already gone.

To bolster her claim of innocence, the defendant said she even called the wallet’s owner hours later because she wanted to return the wallet.

Investigators are looking for the CCTV footage to determine if Lorna indeed picked up the wallet when the victim was already gone.

“The allegation is rather simple,” Lorna’s lawyer told the court on September 23.

Magistrate Cheang reminded Lorna said that since she did not plead guilty, and a trial date had been set for her case, she would no longer get a full one-third discount on her jail sentence if she changes her mind at the last minute and decides to plead guilty.

The judge allowed Lorna to post bail and she left the courtroom accompanied by her female employer.