FDH acquitted of stealing Gucci bag from employer’s mom

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West Kowloon Magistracy building

SAYING the bag was “very old and very smelly,” a judge in Cheung Sha Wan dismissed a theft case against a Filipino domestic worker accused of stealing the Gucci bag of her employer’s mother.

West Kowloon Magistrate Edward Wong Ching-yu acquitted Lailany D.T. after the prosecution failed to disprove her alibi that her employer’s mother had “abandoned” the bag.

“Upon my examination of the bag, I found it to be very old, very dirty, and very smelly, consistent with being refuse,” Judge Wong said in his ruling on August 31.

The Filipino woman’s employer accused her of stealing the bag in February 2017 but, even during the police investigation, Lailany was already insisting that the bag had been abandoned by her employer’s mother.

“She provided an explanation at the very first instance and she has consistently said that since then until the trial,” Judge Wong said.

He noted that he had asked the prosecutor if the employer’s mother could testify if the bag was really given to the defendant.

“The mother’s testimony at least could have been tendered as rebuttal,” the judge said.

However, he noted that the prosecution did not present the complainant’s mother or any other evidence that would rebut Lailany’s claim.

Judge Wong said that a prosecution witness had claimed the employer’s mother “did not abandon” the bag but the magistrate noted that the witness did not live in the house where the old woman  and the defendant were staying.

“So, this is hearsay as to the truth and is inadmissible (as evidence),” the magistrate said.

Leilany was gladdened by the magistrate’s decision to acquit her. She no longer works for her accuser but had yet to find another employer.

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