FDHs ask HK for $5,800 ‘living’ minimum wage

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Foreign domestic workers ask for a wage increase at the Labour Department office in Sheung Wan earlier this afternoon (July 24).


Leaders of migrant workers this morning formally asked the Labour Department (LD) to increase the minimum wage of foreign domestic workers to nearly $6,000.

Leaders of the United Filipinos in Hong Kong-Migrante, the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body, the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions, and other migrant groups met with officials at the LD office in Sheung Wan and asked that the minimum wage be increased to $5,894.

The Labour Department invited them last week for a dialogue today (July 24) as part of its consultations on whether the minimum allowable wage and food allowance of foreign domestic workers should be increased and by how much.

The vast majority of employers provide free food to FDHs but employers may choose to pay them a food allowance instead. The migrant leaders asked that the food allowance be increased to $2,500.

The migrant leaders also raised with Labour officials the concerns of FDHs about not getting enough food, the need for “suitable” accommodation, an end to illegal placement fees, and other issues.

The Labour Department is expected to decide on the wage hike petition by the end of September.

The current minimum allowable wage for FDHs is $4,520 while the food allowance is $1,075.