Filipina taken to psychiatric hospital

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Kwai Chung hospital

A Filipina was taken to Kwong Wah hospital on Nov.26 for alleged mental disorder.

A police spokesman told Hong Kong News that they had to take in Julie, a 42-year-old Filipina, after they got information from a concerned citizen about a woman who was displaying strange behaviour a little bit after midnight at Parkes street.

“We found her at Parkes street before 1 am,” the police spokesman said. “The subject’s behaviour was abnormal.”

The police took her to Kwong Wah hospital. Sources from the Philippine Overseas Labor Office said she was later transferred to Kwai Chung hospital, a facility for people with psychiatric illnesses.

“She is suspected of having mental disorder,” a policeman spokesman confirmed.

Julie supposedly hails from Cebu and has a child.