Founder of Philippine-based Jewelmer bags prestigious HK award

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Jacques Branellec holds out a top-quality golden South Sea Pearl; a model dons Jewelmer’s Guimard necklace adorned with golden South Sea pearls and diamonds

Backed by 47 years of expertise in the pearl industry, Jacques Branellec – co-founder of Philippines-based pearl specialist Jewelmer – was instrumental in
bringing about groundbreaking developments in South Sea pearl cultivation.

In September, Branellec was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the sixth annual JNA Awards during a gala event at the InterContinental Hong Kong.

Organized by UBM Asia Ltd, the JNA Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the international gemstone and jewellery sector. Its highest accolade, the
Lifetime Achievement Award, is conferred to leaders and visionaries who have influenced positive and impactful changes in the global jewellery community.

Branellec established Jewelmer in 1979, together with Manuel Cojuangco, a Filipino entrepreneur working on a coconut hybridisation project in the island of Bugsuk.

Renowned as one of the pillars of the international jewellery industry, Branellec pioneered the production of two of the most exquisite living gems: The black Tahitian pearl and the golden South Sea pearl. The brand is now recognized for one of the world’s most exquisite pearl variety, the South Sea pearl.

“Jewelmer has grown to champion a larger cause – not only to create the perfect pearl, but to nurture the environment that produces it,” said Branellec in his acceptance speech. “At the height of global warming, we have to change our ways. The whole world and the jewellery industry should consider not anymore the
volume or quantity, but quality and sustainability.”

Fusing luxury with sustainability, Branellec has sought to create an alternative way of life where man works in harmony with nature.

“To me, this award means that if you innovate with the right intention, you will be rewarded beyond what you can imagine,” he said.

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