Helper jailed for theft attempt

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West Kowloon Law Courts Building

A 32-year-old Filipino domestic helper was sentenced to three months in prison after being found guilty of trying to steal cash from the bedroom of her employers.

Magistrate Edward Wong Ching-yu of the West Kowloon Courts on Oct. 6 ordered A.D. Awitan to be jailed after trial.

The prosecution alleged that about 10:30 a.m.,  on Aug. 13, Awitan, who began working for the family in January,  was found by her female boss taking a pile of cash from the briefcase of her husband in their bedroom.

The Filipina’s male employer was a 28-year-old businessman and and a boss at a logistics company.

From time to time, the male employer, surnamed Yip,  would keep cash in his briefcase to pay for the salary of his employees.

On the date of the offense, the husband and wife were sleeping in their bedroom, but the door was left unlocked.

Wakened by some noise, the female employer  got up from bed and found Awitan taking a pile of cash from the briefcase. The woman shouted at the defendant, and Awitan immediately withdrew her hand and put the money inside the briefcase.

Awitan was then asked to  prepare her resignation letter. The employer also reported the incident to the police, and the Filipina was later arrested.

The helper had denied the charge.

However, Judge Wong found that the prosecution proved the charge beyond reasonable doubt.




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