Jail for FDH who stole cash for family

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The Eastern Magistrates' Courts in Sai Wan Ho

A 27-year-old Filipino domestic helper admitted to stealing $1,100 from her employer in Mid-Levels because she had to pay for the education and health expenses of her family members in the Philippines

DeVera was sentenced to three weeks in prison for the charge of theft, but owing to her guilty plea, Eastern Courts Magistrate Kenneth Chan Ping-chau reduced it to two weeks.

De Vera was seen crying when the magistrate gave the sentence.

The prosecution said De Vera’s employer had suspected her of stealing money from him so he photocopied 10 $1,000 banknotes and placed it in his wallet along with other $500 and $100 bank notes. His wallet contained $10,800.

In the morning of May 9, 2017, he put the wallet in the drawer beside his bed in his room.

At 7:30 p.m., when the employer checked his wallet again, he found that $1,100 was missing.

When confronted, the defendant admitted taking the money.

She said she took them because she needed to send money to her family in the Philippines for her siblings’ education expenses. Her mother also has breast cancer.

De Vera was employed by her employer since June 28, 2015 and previously had a clear record.

“Breach of trust is a very serious offense and an immediate custodial sentence is called for,” said Judge Chan.

The judge, however, noted the defendant’s clear record and her show of remorse by directly admitting the theft to her employer and pleading guilty in court in the first instance.

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