NAIA employee caught stealing jewels from passenger’s bag

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NAIA Terminal 1

A baggage loader who was working for more than three years at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was caught stealing valuable items from a newly arrived passenger.

Security personnel of Aviation Operations and Managements, Inc (Avomsi) apprehended Roger Daniel who was found holding four rings, four earrings, two necklaces and a wristwatch he took from the luggage of an Etihad Airways passenger.

Avomsi said the theft occurred on Tuesday at the breakdown area where all the luggage and other things were about to be loaded to the conveyor belt leading to NAIA Terminal 1’s baggage carousel.NAIA employee caught stealing jewels from passenger’s Avomsi security specialist Meresa Porgadas said in her report that she confronted Daniel when she noticed that the suspect was hiding something in his hand. She then conducted a body search and discovered that Daniel was holding assorted jewelry.   

Avomsi has bolstered its security on airline luggage after it received complaints of theft, which also reached  the management of Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), the operator of NAIA.

The private agency’s concern is to assist passenger movement at the departure boarding area, and their baggage to safety.

Avomsi said Daniel had been under surveillance for several months as he was suspected of being involved in another theft case.

The airport worker is facing criminal charges and was blacklisted from any employment at Manila’s premier airport.

Earlier this year, the airport authority headed by general manager Ed Monreal, has stepped up efforts to prevent any untoward incident at the terminals including petty crimes, theft, pilferage and the strict monitoring of regular white taxis, following a surge of complaints among passengers about exorbitant fares.

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