New ma jailed over drugs possession

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Kowloon City Courts

A new mom was sent to jail for eight months after pleading guilty to a drug case.

Kowloon City Courts Magistrate Veronica Heung Shuk-han  on June 30 initially sentenced A.D. Bugayong to 12 months in prison, but reduced it to eight months after the defendant pleaded guilty.

On June 16, Bugayong admitted to possessing 5.6 grams of shabu when she was searched by a police officer on May 5.

Before sentencing the defendant, Judge Heung called for a background report and a drug addiction treatment center report.

Mitigating, the defendant’s duty lawyer said Bugayong admitted the drugs were only for her personal consumption.

But Judge Heung noted that in the background report, the defendant said that in the morning of May 5, she was ill, and had a fever, and a friend came over and out something in her bag.

 “What is she trying to imply?” said Judge Heung.

The duty lawyer said the defendant admitted she knew that the packets contained drugs and they were for her personal consumption.

“She was arrested on May 5, and she gave birth [while in custody] on May 8. The baby is now one-month old, ” the duty lawyer said, while Bugayong, who was in the dock, was cradling her baby.

“I have considered the facts of the case and that the defendant had a clear record, and the mitigation advanced by your lawyer, I sentence to 12 months in prison, and reduce it to eight months,” the magistrate said.

Judge Heung also said the infant could stay with the defendant in jail.

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