No, the woman who jumped from a building at Mid-levels is not a Filipina

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Robinson Place at Mid-levels. Screenshot of picture from Google maps

The woman who died after jumping off from a building at Mid-levels on Dec.13 is not a Filipina.

Local news sites reported about a woman who died last Friday after jumping off from Robinson Place at Robinson road. It triggered a flurry of reactions and sparked speculation on social media that the woman who died is a Filipina domestic helper.

Conflicting theories were raised, such as that the Filipina domestic helper did not jump, but instead fell off from the building while cleaning the window of her employer’s flat.

Welfare officer Marivic Clarin told Hong Kong News that it was a local woman who died, however. “She’s a local, 66 years old. It’s said to be suicide,” she said.

The news about the woman’s death came following successive reports of Filipina domestic helpers committing suicide, hence generating assumptions that the one who died this time around is a Filipina again.

In this case, however, it’s not.

Local media also reported later in the day that the police has verified the identity of the woman and it’s not a Filipina.