Number of Filipinos refused entry to HK on the rise

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Vice Consul Robert Quintin

PHILIPPINE officials have sought more information from Hong Kong officials about Filipinos who were refused entry to the city.

In an interview, Vice-Consul Robert Quintin said that in October and November, the consulate noted a spike in the number of Filipinos refused entry by the Hong Kong Immigration,

“It’s their prerogative, but we want to know the reason so we could make the necessary advisory,” Quintin said.

The issue was first raised by the Philippine Consulate General in the Oct. 25 Technical Working Group meeting with Hong Kong authorities.

However, officials from the Labour Department and the Hong Kong Immigration Department said they had no authority to discuss the issue.

They said their information merely matters related to the Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

“Post (PCG) informed that the notifications received from HKID did not contain complete information, i.e. reason for refusal of entry [to Hong Kong ports such as the HK international airport, and Macau Ferry Terminal].

“Post requested the HKID’s representative to convey to its (relevant) unit [its request] to provide complete information  [about the incidents],” the report submitted by the PCG to the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

Meanwhile, the PCG also inquired from the HKID about the process regarding  Filipinos who are facing deportation from Hong Kong.

“Post also asked HKID to relay its request [for information] with regard to deportation procedures. Post said some Filipino nationals who are subject to deportation back to the Philippines need to  wait more than one to two months in Hon Kong,” the PCG said.

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