Pinay becomes shabu runner in HK

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Yau Ma Tei (Photo: Google Maps)



A 38-year-old Filipino asylum seeker has admitted to trafficking shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) and marijuana worth more than $12,000 in Yau Ma Tei.

Sharon V.B., reportedly a former domestic worker, told Eastern Magistrate Cheng Lim-chi on January 28 that she was going to plead guilty to the charge of drug trafficking after the police confiscated from her 12.55 grams of shabu (locally known as “ice”) and 0.39 grams of marijuana.

The police said the total street value of the illegal drugs confiscated from the Filipino woman was $12,283.

“I understand. It has been read to me many times,” Sharon told Judge Cheng after the charge was read to her.

The prosecution said Sharon was arrested outside her flat along Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei. The police were already waiting for her when she came out of the subdivided flat and they accosted her. They then brought her back inside her room and checked her belongings.

The police found in the left pocket of her jacket resealable plastic sachets that contained the shabu and marijuana.

The officers also found an electronic weighing machine and more resealable plastic bags inside the Filipino woman’s flat.

During the police investigation, Sharon initially said that the shabu was only for her own personal consumption.

“(The defendant) had no job but she was using shabu. She said she did not use it often,” the prosecutor said.

“But when she was shown the electronic weighing scale and resealable packs, she no longer answered questions from investigators.

She did not say where the drugs came from or where she was taking them,” the prosecutor added.

Sharon started sobbing as the details of the charge was read to her and when

asked by the interpreter if she was pleading guilty.

When the interpreter asked her at least six times and she still just continued crying, Judge Cheng asked her again if she was pleading guilty and she said: “Okay.”

The judge later asked if her plea was voluntary and the former domestic worker answered that it was.

Judge Cheng said the Sharon’s case would be brought to the High Court in Admiralty for her sentencing. In the meantime, she would remain in jail.