Pinay DH who forgot to renew work permit jailed for 2 months

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Eastern Magistrates' Court in Sai Wan Ho

A Filipina domestic worker was sentenced to two months imprisonment for forgetting to extend her work permit in Hong Kong and stealing money from her employer.

J. Lorica, 30, pleaded guilty to the charges filed against her at the Eastern Court Wednesday.

Lorica was charged with stealing HK$2,000 from her employer living in the seaside village of Stanley in July 2020, which she admitted after being apprehended by police.

Police then checked her visa and found that it expired on Aug. 23, 2018. They checked this with Immigration authorities and found that Lorica was not able to extend her work permit.

The employer, whom Lorica had worked with since 2016, had given her a signed updated contract. The defendant’s counsel said Padilla forgot to extend her working permit with immigration authorities.

With this, she was charged with overstaying and breaching her condition of stay—because she continued working despite not having a permit.