Pinay jailed for overstaying in HK for nearly 18 years

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Shatin Magistrates' Courts

SHE surrendered because she was already coughing up blood.

A 64-year-old former domestic worker was sentenced to nine months in jail after she overstayed in Hong Kong for nearly two decades.

Delia M.A., an Ilongga, pleaded guilty on January 30 to the crime of overstaying at the Shatin Magistrates Courts after she surrendered to the Immigration Department.

“Considering the very lengthy overstay, an immediate custodial sentence is the only option,” Shatin Magistrate Colin Wong Sze-cheung told the Filipina.

The judge said Delia should have been jailed for 18 months but because she pleaded guilty, this was reduced to 12 months. And because she voluntarily surrendered to Immigration, her sentence was reduced further to nine months.

The prosecution said Delia first came here in 1990 to work as a domestic worker. She worked for 11 years until her contract was terminated on July 2, 2001.

Although she knew she was not allowed to stay in HK after losing her job, Delia decided to overstay in the city. She did not say how she survived in HK for nearly 18 years.

But in December last year, she felt sick and was coughing up blood and so she decided to surrender to the Immigration Department on December 12.

But Immigration officials told her to go to the hospital first and come back only when she was already feeling well.

“She was admitted to the hospital on December 14 and was discharged on December 21. The diagnosis was haemoptysis or coughing up blood which could (be due to) tuberculosis or cancer,” Delia’s lawyer told the judge.

“She has a lung problem but the cause is still unknown…She is anxious to be reunited with her family in the Philippines,” he added.

Under HK law, the Correctional Services Department ensures that “necessary and appropriate medical services” are provided to prisoners.

Prisoners who require specialist treatment, intensive care, or surgery will receive treatment in public hospitals.

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