Pinay says employer’s father in Tsuen Wan molested her

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Tsuen Wan police station

A Filipino domestic worker in Tsuen Wan has accused her employer’s elderly father of molesting her.

The Filipino woman filed a complaint of indecent assault with the Hong Kong Police against the suspect, who allegedly touched her breasts, thigh, and buttocks despite her telling him to stop.

“(He) used his right hand and grabbed my left breast for two seconds and smiled at me, then he went out,” the complainant told the police.

“I felt so shocked and afraid, but I didn’t tell anyone,” she added.

The Filipina said the incident happened in the morning of July 14 when the suspect, believed to be around 70 years old, came out of his bedroom.

She said she was cleaning the main door when the old man touched her breasts and left. The complainant said she did not inform her employer because she was still asleep.

The worker continued cleaning the house. But at around 6 p.m. that same day, the suspect allegedly used both of his hands to grab from behind the Filipin woman’s breast “for five seconds.”

“I immediately looked back and saw (the suspect). I urged him to stop and used my hands to push away his hands,” the domestic worker said.

The suspect then allegedly pinched her buttocks, stopped when she told him to stop, but then touched her left thigh “for three seconds.”

When the old man finally stopped after her protests, he gestured with his hand showing his five fingers.

“To my understanding, he wanted to give me $500 and wanted me to go inside his room. I refused to follow him and he walked away,” the worker said.

“After around two minutes, he approached me again. He was holding a $500 bill in his left hand and raised it,” she added.

The domestic worker said the suspect said something in Cantonese, which she did not understand.

She said she got the impression that the suspect wanted her to “follow him inside his room and allow him to touch me.”

“I said ‘no’ again and then (he went) back to his room. I did not tell anyone because I was scared,” the complainant said.

She said she later informed a friend, who suggested that the complainant seek help from the Philippine Consulate General and an online Filipino group, which assisted her in reporting the incident to the police station. The case is now under investigation.

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) records showed that four overseas Filipino workers in HK complained of rape since 2014—one case in 2015, two in 2016, and another case last year.

There were also seven overseas Filipino workers who complained of sexual abuse or harassment last year, two in 2016, and one in 2014. The cases of maltreatment of OFWs numbered 88 in 2014, 66 in 2015, 279 in 2016, and 90 last year.

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