Pinay tourist arrested in HK disco catfight

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Wan Chai


A 45-year-old Filipino tourist was arrested before dawn yesterday (October 25) after she assaulted another Filipino woman in a fight inside a bar in Wan Chai.

Emily R.P., an owner of a beauty salon in the Philippines, was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, after she scratched the face of the complainant Mihira R.P., inside the Neptune III Disco.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge this morning and Eastern Presiding Magistrate Peter Law sentenced her to one week of imprisonment but suspended it for 12 months,

“This means you must not commit an offense for one year or you will go to jail,” Law told the Filipino woman.

The prosecutor said incident happened at around 3 a.m. inside the disco at 54-62 Lockhart Road in Wan Chai.

“A couple—a man and a woman—arrived and the woman kissed (the defendant),” the prosecutor said.

The complainant allegedly made a joke about the kiss and this infuriated Emily, who felt insulted and scratched the face of the complainant.

“The defendant got angry and scratched the left side of (the complainant’s) face and it reddened,” the prosecutor said.

The complainant was brought to the Ruttonjee Hospital while Emily was arrested and brought to the Wan Chai police station.

During the investigation, the defendant admitted that she was not able to control herself because she was drunk at the time of the incident.


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