TESDA offers free online courses

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ALL SMILES. Filipinas in Hong Kong proudly show their National Certificate II (NC II) from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority which, officials say, could help them secure better-paying jobs back home or in places like Macau or Canada. (Philip C. Tubeza)


Looking for ways on how to earn extra money but don’t have the budget to pay for a full course?

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) might have the answers you are looking for.

The TESDA, an attached government agency of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), this year started offering online courses for free.

Since these courses are offered online, it could be accessed not only by those staying in the country but even by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are currently based abroad and wanting to learn a new skill.

TESDA has come up with 12 categories to suit the taste of the various applicants.

Under Agriculture is the course as a Fruit Grower that covers lesson on the preparation of the plant site, growing of plant seedlings and trees, as well as monitoring and harvesting of fruit.

There are two courses underAutomotive namely Automotive Battery Servicing that covers the competence required to service, remove, replace, test, and charge automotive batteries; and Diesel Engine Tune up wherein the student would be taught to carry out engine maintenance to keep the vehicle in good running condition, maintain its optimum engine performance, and prevent serious engine trouble.

Electrical and Electronics has the Solar Night Light Assembly that offers knowledge and skills needed to assemble, test and troubleshoot solar night lamp. It could also give inputs on the process and the system used to turn solar energy into consumable energy using solar-powered generation technology.

While Massage Theraphy falls underHuman Health/ Health Care category.

The Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigerationcategory offers Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing wherein they would learn how to install, troubleshoot, and conduct maintenance of the indoor and outdoor Packaged Air Conditioning Unit (PACU).

The Information and Communication Technology/ ICT category has four courses such as ICT Courses, Microsoft Online Courses, Udacity- Google Courses, and Udemy courses.

The two courses under the categoryLifelong Learning Skills would help develop a person’s capabilities such as How to Build Confidence in Your Abilities and Job Interview Skills Training Course.

Maritime has an Update on Ship’s Catering that focuses on teaching the applicant how to prepare a nutritionally-balanced diet and on the supervision/administration of a galley area.

As for the Social, Community Development and Other Services, TESDA offers Beauty Care Services particularly on nail care such as learning the correct way to manicure and pedicure, perform hand spa and foot spa.

Tourism is mostly about food. So far there are courses for Bread and Pastry Production, Cookery, and Food and Beverage Services. It would also give lessons on Housekeeping.

While the Technical-Vocational and Education and Training (TVET) program.

To apply in TESDA’s free online courses visit the TESDA’s website (https://www.e-tesda.gov.ph) and register online.

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