Woman arrested after taking $30k fee but not giving job

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Foreign domestic workers in Central.

A woman was arrested on Friday after she received around HK$30,000 to arrange employment for a Hong Kong domestic worker’s kin and friends but failed to do so.

The government in a statement on its website said the Hong Kong Customs earlier received information that the woman, 45, had claimed she could set up job opportunities for the FDW’s kin and friends.

But the woman reportedly failed to secure them a job and failed to refund the fee she received.

The woman, whose nationality was not disclosed, was released on bail pending further investigation.

The Trade Description Ordinance outlines that it is an offence to accept payment if the trader intends not to supply the product or intends to supply a materially different product, or if there is no grounds to believe the trader will be able to supply the product within a reasonable period.

The statement said the maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of $500,000 and imprisonment for five years.