Tablet goes affordable with Kata minitab

GETTING into the tab gadget craze need not cost much.

For only $799, Kata minitab features the Android 2.3 operation system for superior tablet performance for work and entertainment. Palm-sized Kata minitab weighs only 378 grams, making it the practical techie option these days.

This latest Kata gadget will be launched on Dec. 4, in anticipation for the Christmas gift-buying rush. But from Nov. 11 to Dec. 3, you may pre-order the Kata minitab at any Owtel store with full payment. Every pre-ordered Kata minitab comes with a free two-month Owtel Wi-Fi.

Via a 5-inch high definition TFT touch screen, Kata minitab has a USB 2.0 highspeed transmission, and Wi-Fi support for reliable Internet connection anytime anywhere. For easy usage, it has pre-installed applications such as e-buddy, Whatsapp, Youtube and Gmail.

Kata minitab is upgradable, and supports external hard disk and microSD card of up to 16GB. It allows you to download applications such as games and entertainment from the Android market.

For media entertainment, Kata minitab has full HD display and supports various video formats. Its size is also perfect for picture browsing and music playing.

It also comes with a multi-tasking process management system, power saving control and adjustable power-off time.

Its durable battery life allows up to 15 hours of video or music playback –a longer working time compared to other tablets, notebooks and mobile phones.

Kata minitab comes with a one-year warranty. Optional Kata accessories include the screen protector, pouch, stylish pen, Kata 4GB MicroSD card, Kata On-Air headset and Kata Power Cube.

The Kata trend Kata minitab, along with Kata minibook, Kata Maya All-in-One Personal Computer and Kata dual-SIM mobile phones are exclusively sold in Owtel, a leading telecommunications company with 13 mobile phone and AV shops throughout Hong Kong.

feature8(2)Via a 10.1-inch LED screen, Kata minibook provides high accuracy color for high quality video effects. Its built-in Gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi adaptor allows high-speed Internet connection.

Kata Maya comes in a 21.5- inch full HD display that assures high definition video streaming and videoconferencing applications. It holds lots of space to accommodate multi-tasking, and a built-in Gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi adaptor for high-speed Internet connection.

Kata mobile phones, S30, S58, S59, S60 and Touch screen phone Kata Venus combine functional features such as a reliable Internet access and multi-media player at an affordable price and stylish design.

To learn more about Kata, visit www.katadigital.com or www.facebook.com/kata.electronics. You may also call customer service hotline 2850-7733.