6 test positive for COVID-19 in first 128,000 samples from mass testing

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Over 370,000 samples for COVID-19 have been collected as of Sep. 3, according to health authorities Thursday. (SCREENSHOT: isd.gov.hk)

Six samples—including four from discharged coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients—collected from the mass testing program tested positive for the coronavirus, health officials revealed Thursday.

Dr. Constance Chan,  Hong Kong’s Director of Health, said they have processed over 128,000 samples collected from the universal community testing which began Sep. 1.

The four former coronavirus patients were all asymptomatic, Dr. Chuang Shuk-kwan said. She added they have developed antibodies for the disease and are most likely not contagious.

“They might not be infectious, but they might carry the virus sometime after,” Chuang said in Cantonese.

Two samples from the mass testing program were newly confirmed. The first came from a 63-year-old asymptomatic male who lived in Kwai Tsing, while the other came from a 22-year-old female in Tuen Mun without symptoms.

Both were sent to the hospitals for treatment, and their four to five close contacts each will be quarantined, Chuang added. They will be added to the city’s daily tally tomorrow morning.

The city tallied eight new coronavirus infections Thursday—four of which have unknown sources.

One was an imported case, a seafarer from India. Two were linked to family clusters, while another was an employee to Hong Chi Lei Muk Shue Hostel in Kwai Chung. The premises previously recorded infections.

Chan reminded the universal testing program is meant for patients who do not show any symptoms. Should a person have symptoms of infection, no matter how slight they are, Chan said they should avail of the free testing centres provided by the Department of Health instead.