Fil-Am from Cavite wins an Oscar

FILIPINO-AMERICAN Ronnie del Carmen, the co-director of the film “Inside Out” which bagged the Oscar’s for Best Animated Featured Film award, said his accomplishment should serve as an inspiration to Filipinos who dream big even as they start out small.

“This is for my parents who worked so hard to save us; my country where so many are like me wishing for what seems impossible. For my people in the Philippines, I can tell you—dreams keep you going. Awards or no awards, let this be a point of reference that anyone can dream the impossible,” said Del Carmen, who hails from Cavite City.

According to Jonas Rivera, producer of the Disney/Pixar film, Del Carmen was “an essential part of the movie.”

“He contributed so much to the emotion, the heart of the movie, and we are incredibly lucky to work with him,” Rivera said.

Malacañang has lauded the Fil-Am director.

“His achievement exemplifies the talent and creative genius of the Filipino that continues to reap global recognition,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said.

A graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Fine Arts, Del Carmen said the victory of “Inside Out” was very personal for him.

“To all those kids who are growing up in the Philippines—and I was one of them— the victory means a lot. I used to dream about working in animation and movies. But when you work hard and you try to follow your dreams and make time, your dreams may come true. This feels like a marker that I can extend to those kids that you have to keep on trying and you have to keep on dreaming,” he said.

“I am a long shot in the making too. It is a dream come true, but a validation that hard work and dedication and the things that you believe in can pay off.”

Del Carmen wore a flower on his lapel, which he said was a tribute to Bing Bong, the elephant character in “Inside Out.”

“If you watched ‘Inside Out,’ that flower is the one Bing Bong wore. It represents our journey, our travel and our various emotions,” he said.

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