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aaaWhen David Chen, founder and chief executive officer of Owtel, envisaged a company that would become a household name, he knew that the company would have to expand its reach across the globe. Next month, Chen and Owtel will take another step in realizing that vision when Owtel opens its first store in Taiwan. "With our expansion in Taiwan, we will bring the same high-quality products and service that Owtel is known for," Chen said. "The Owtel team is ready to serve Taiwan, and we have lined up exciting promotions for our Taipei customers...

February 25, 2019
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aaaONCE more with feelings, we introduce to you Owtel Installment App. The faster and easier way to file your installment application and update your transaction record. Its first name? Convenience Last name? Trustworthy And our guarantee? Faster and easier installment applications. This 2019 do away with queuing and spending precious time of your holiday to take care of your Owtel applications and bills. No more waking up early to queue, but more time for rest and relaxation with friends. By a simple and easy step of installing O...

February 15, 2019
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aaaWhen David Chen, founder and chief executive officer of OWTEL, envisioned a company that would be a household name, he knew that to realize the vision, the company would have to expand its geographical reach. And Chen and OWTEL have taken another step to make this vision come true. OWTEL Store opened its first shop in Macau recently. "Through our expansion in Macau, we will bring the same high-quality products and service that OWTEL is known for," Chen said. "The OWTEL team is ready to serve Macau, and we have lined up exciting promoti...

November 19, 2018

aaaLocated at the popular and convenient R. De Alfandega, Owtel Store will bring to Macau the same high-quality products and top-notch customer service that it is known for in Hong Kong, where it is the city’s leading retailer of gadgets and appliances.   ...

November 4, 2018
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aaaOWTEL first established in Hong Kong in December 1999 and opened its rst Retail Store Outlet in World Wide House, selling Mobile Phones, Audio & Visual Products, Accessories, 1624 IDD, and One World Phone Cards. Throughout years and with continuous demand for high quality service, our retail stores have expanded to oer installment plans for Mobile Phones, Audio Visual Products, Accessories and home appliances. We have also started to accept payment services for IDD bills for our customers’ convenience and also oered remitt...

January 12, 2018
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aaaDavid Chen envisioned a company that would be a household name and he made that a reality in Owtel. Owtel was founded by Chen in 1999, after working in the US for companies such as AT&T, Bank of America, and Cisco. His heart had always been set to owning his own business, and forging his own path. Four years after incorporating Owtel, the business ventured into putting up Owtel Store, which then sold phones from various brands. Owtel has been at the forefront of innovation to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the various m...

December 12, 2016
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Two domestic workers from the Philippines were among the newly-confirmed 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

The 42-year-old Filipina flew on Sept. 29 via Philippine Airlines flight PR300. The other, aged 35, arrived on Sept. 22 via Cathay Pacific flight CX906, and she felt unwell during quarantine before she was sent to the hospital.

The two are among the nine imported cases. Five have arrived from the United Kingdom who entered Hong Kong on Sept....

October 1, 2020
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aaaOver 100 Filipino organizations in Hong Kong urged the Philippine government to allow thousands of Filipinos affected by a travel ban – which was ostensibly implemented since Feb.2 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Philippines – to go back to the special administrative region. The organizations in Hong Kong made the call as a group of overseas Filipino workers, residents and students also reached out to labor officials in Manila to push for the same on Feb.17. In a statement signed by 134 organizations r...

February 17, 2020
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aaaOwtel Store is set to open its first shop in Taiwan - right in the heart of the island’s capital - to cater to the needs of the growing number of Filipinos working there. To be located at the bustling Zhongshan North Road in Zhongshan District in Taipei, the Owtel Store will be opened early this month. It will also be the first store that will exclusively serve the needs of nearly 80,000 Filipinos working and living in the island, many of whom are in Taipei. “We are very excited to open our first stor...

February 28, 2019