Kalinga’s largest gong ensemble, banga dance sets Guinness World Record

Manila, Philippines – The Province of Kalinga broke two world records during its 28th founding anniversary celebration on February 15.

The prestigious Guinness World Records confirmed that the province has earned both the Largest Gong Ensemble (Awong Chi Gangsa) and the Largest Banga Dance (Agtu’n Chi Banga), according to the Department of Tourism.

Both awards were accorded by Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator Kazuyoshi Kirimura at Kalinga Sports Complex last week.

“Filipino tradition has it, festivals are one of the strong ties that bind us as a people. It gives us a glimpse of our national identity and pride as a diverse society with rich cultural heritage, traditions, beliefs, languages and unparalleled natural bounties,” Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco said.

She likewise sent her warmest regards through her representative Undersecretary Ferdinand “Cocoy” Jumapao during the celebration.

“From the sound of gong calling for peace among tribes, the Bodong has become an enduring symbol of peace and tolerance. Today, it mirrors how the people of Kalinga live peacefully amidst the backdrop of the Cordillera mountain ranges.”

“In DOT, we have set our gaze on a clear course of action to accelerate collaboration between the national and local governments in a shared tourism governance that places a strong impetus on the unique Filipino brand, and sense of urgency to purse programs that are more sustainable, inclusive and diverse; hence, our thrust towards connectivity, convenience, and (e)quality,” the tourism chief stressed.