Survey says couples ditch church weddings due to costs, requirements

MANILA –  A Church-based survey disclosed that financial burden and tedious requirements are among the main reasons why couples opt to skip church weddings,

According to the latest results of the Veritas Truth Survey (VTS) released on Tuesday (Feb.14), 32 percent of the respondents answered “cost”, while 24 percent replied with “requirements”, when asked what is the “utmost obstacle in doing a church wedding.”

It also added that for those who answered “cost,” there were more male respondents at 38 percent compared to 28 percent for female respondents.

As for those who reasoned “requirements,” 24 percent were females as against males with 23 percent.

The other reasons given are as follows: process/interview at 16 percent; attire, 8 percent; and conflict of faith, 6 percent.

The remaining 14 percent are still undecided.

The survey was conducted between Jan. 5 to Feb. 10, involving a stratified random sample of 1,200 respondents nationwide, through a text-based and online data gathering process.

Meanwhile, VTS head Bro. Clifford Sorita noted that church weddings need not be extravagant.

“The real reason for a church wedding is to celebrate a solemn Sacrament, and as a religious ceremony. Weddings may be celebrated in a simple yet meaningful and blessed manner,” he said in a statement.

He added that the people should be reoriented on the true meaning of making vows in a religious ceremony.

“A church wedding is more than just the perceived extravagance but a spiritual ceremony that gives the bride and the groom the seeds of faith in God, which, in turn, helps them develop faith in each other,” Sorita said.