Child care training seminar begins on Sunday

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Labor Attache Jalilo dela Torre



STARTING this month until December, the Philippine Overseas Labor office (POLO) will conduct training seminars on child care for Filipino domestic helpers (FDHs).

Labor Attache Jalilo dela Torre said the POLO was going to conduct the seminar every second Sunday of the month until December so that FDHs would know what to avoid in taking care and disciplining their wards.

“We are doing this to address many cases of our domestic helpers getting themselves into sticky situations. They think they’re caring for the child and imposing certain disciplinary measures but then it turns out it’s already beyond their duties,” Dela Torre said in an interview.

“So, they are seen (by their employers) on CCTV and are jailed,” he added.

Dela Torre said the seminar would begin on March 11 and it would tackle the “cultural differences” in the way Filipino and Chinese families discipline children.

“For us, spanking children is okay or pinching them is okay. But (if you do that) here (in HK), you will be jailed. So, that issue will be addressed by this seminar,” he said.

Dela Torre earlier said that Filipino helpers “sometimes cannot distinguish the fine line between child care and child discipline.”

Those charged with “Ill-treatment or neglect by those in charge of child or young person” can be imprisoned up to 10 years if convicted.

Dela Torre said the quota for the first batch of domestic workers who will undergo training this Sunday had been filled as of this morning (March 7).

“Please watch out for the next registration which is opened on the Monday following the first Sunday of the month. This is until December, so don’t worry,” he said.

“Also, if there are those whose rest day falls on a Saturday, please let us know so we can ask our trainor on child care if she can also do the Saturday class,” he added.

The POLO is encouraging in particular FDHs who have children under their care to attend the training seminar.