HelperPlace connects workers with employers

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HelperPlace is one of the leading online portal connecting domestic workers with employers looking for helpers.

It is usually very difficult for domestic helpers to locate job offers that ensure a steady income and a good employer. Helpers need to browse through multiple forums, agencies, and platforms to find an employer who pays well and matches their expectations in terms of the job criteria that he specifies.

This is where HelperPlace comes in. If you are applying for work as a domestic helper, HelperPlace can assist you in many ways.

First of all, membership in HelperPlace is free. Creating an account with HelperPlace is absolutely free for domestic workers.

All that you need to do is to register yourself on the portal by setting up a Helper Profile. You need to provide details like your experience, skill set, picture and expectations in terms of location, starting date of the job and salary. If all your details are mentioned clearly, the chances of landing a job are high.

After your Helper Profile is active, you will have access to a wide range of job opportunities. You can view all the jobs that match your profile and contact employers whose job profile you find interesting.

Employers are also able to see your profile and can contact you if they require your services. At HelperPlace, you can find job for domestic helpers in multiple countries like Hong Kong and Singapore.

There is also no commission to be paid if you avail of HelperPlace’s assistance.

HelperPlace does not function as a recruitment agency. It just connects employers and domestic workers through its platform. You do not need to pay any commission to HelperPlace if you get a job through this portal.

You can also contact the support team at HelperPlace if you face any issues with your current job or if you are looking for a new employer.

HelperPlace is always eager to extend a helping hand to domestic workers searching for gainful employment. Helper can be reached on their website or at