TST gallery features works of Pinoy artists

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Jason and JL Siao

HUSBAND and wife Jason Siao and JL Timbreza-Siao are the featured artists of Brick Lane Gallery in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Siaos, both Fine Arts graduates of the University of the Philippines, said the 12 paintings included in the collection showcase their “work and love for art”.

JL, who works as a part-time entrepreneur/baker, and freelance web and graphic designer, contributed seven paintings to the collection, featuring her “Death by Dessert” series.

“There’s an ant in every painting, and they’re dying in sweetness, but the message actually is that sometimes too much of a good thing is actually harmful, and it’s not just physical death. It can also be death of your morals, your humanity, and your values,” JL told Hong Kong News in an interview.

Jason, who is a licensed landscape architect holding a senior position in an architectural firm in Hong Kong, said his paintings were inspired by nature and by movements.

“I’m also influenced by the Impressionist artists because I grew up reading those artists, the masters, so I also wanted to try the old process,” he said.

Idy Ng of Minden Concepts, which owns the Brick Lane restaurants, said the gallery/restaurant hopes to encourage customers to appreciate art while dining.

“We also want to help some new artists or give some people a place to hang their artworks,” Ng said.

JL said her art pieces are for sale at $6,500 each, while Jason’s paintings are for retail at between $12,000 and $18,000.

The exhibit, which opened on Sept. 20, will run until Dec. 20.