Let TrabahoTo App do the walking

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This is the concept of how the new application platform TrabahoTo could help domestic workers to find their new employer. TrabahoTo is an app platform to be used by domestic workers to get the best match job according to preferences.

As hundreds of employment agencies are spread all over districts of Hong Kong, domestic workers need a lot of time and sum of money before they can find a new employer. With TrabahoTo, these two factors would be eliminated, as by using only the app you can find a job using your phone or computer anytime and anywhere.

Thus, for the several Sundays at Chater Road, a well-known area for Filipinos to rest, eat, sing and other things they can do that would temporary forget the 14-hour workload, and just have fun and enjoy with friends, the TrabahoTo staff showcased how the app could help the domestic workers save time and money in looking for employment.

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TrabahoTo is not an agency. This statement was explained to those Filipinos who were first adamant to sign in and register with the app. As the manager, Mr. Lui Kwan itself explained to them that TrabahoTo is a downloadable free platform where a worker could select their preferences of their employer, an easy to apply to and be connected to their prospective employer. It has plenty of special features such as an easy contact button and applies, notification for the latest job similar to the one you have selected through job preferences. The domestic workers were excited that they learned the positive uses of the platform that they signed immediately to download the app.

Practicing the social distancing protocol, the workers gathered with spaces while listening and signing to download the app.

The platform echoed to the workers that “Trabahong pinapangarap, mahahanap sa TRABAHOTO App!