Things You Need to Consider before Having a Child in Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, it is legal for migrant domestic workers (MDWs) to get pregnant, and MDWs are entitled to the same maternity rights as women in other occupations.

However, having a child is not just a legal matter. Careful planning before having a child is crucial for the best interests of both the mother and the child. This involves physical, emotional, social, and financial preparation.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering having a child:

  1. Do I really want to have a child?
  2. Am I financially ready to support the child’s healthy development?
  3. Do I have enough support from my partner and family to raise the child?
  4. Am I ready physically and emotionally to welcome a new life?
  5. What are my maternity rights and obligations?

In case there is no plan to have a child, MDWs should have an open conversation with their partner about family planning and make sure to adopt effective contraceptive methods correctly and consistently to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.