A climb to Tai Tam

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HIKING might seem daunting for many but there’s a trail that starts in the Quarry Bay and is excellent for beginners.

The Eastern Nature Trail follows the Mount Parker Road up the mountain and brings hikers to the picturesque Tai Tam reservoirs.

To get here, board the MTR and get off at the Quarry Bay Station on the blue line.

Leave the station through Exit A, turning right along King’s Road. Walk for around 15 minutes until you get to the Mount Parker Road.

This trail is popular even among the elderly and you’ll see them in their rubber shoes hiking up the mountain on weekends. I’ve even seen some parents bring along their babies on strollers.

As you go up, you’ll start hearing birdsong and the sound of water going down mountainside streams. After around 20 minutes, you get to the Woodside Biodiversity Education Center, which features the flora and fauna of Hong Kong. It’s worth a short stop.

Another detour is the Quarry Bay Tree Walk. Go down this path to see the four outdoor ovens built During World War II to prepare for the Japanese invasion.

Going back to Mount Parker Road, pace yourself if the gradient proves a bit steep. There are also benches along the way if you get too weary.

Follow the road until it reaches the Quarry Bay Gap, where the roads forks into two. The one on the left goes up further to the Mt. Parker radar station and takes about 30 minutes of hiking.

Once you get to the radar station, you can enjoy a panoramic view that sweeps from the Dragon’s Back ridge in the south to old Kai Tak airport in Kowloon in the north.

If you turn right, the road goes down to the Tai Tam country park and its reservoirs. They started building the reservoirs in the 19th century and you’ll get a feel of how big this project was when you get to the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir Dam.

Hikers usually stop at this picturesque spot to take in the scenic views and enjoy the tranquility that nature nature has to offer.

As you walk down further to the Byewash Reservoir, don’t forget to check the koi fishes that swim in it. They’re other- worldly.

The walk through the country park to Tai Tam road, where you can take Bus 16X (to the Chai Wan MTR station). But for those who want to linger, there are tables and BBQ spots along the way.
There are toilets and vending machines (for drinks) at the bus stop in Tai Tam Road.