A magna cum laude in God’s grace

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The Borlados--Jec, Pastor Dan, Mary Lou, and DG (from left to right)--all serve in the pastoral ministry

SHE was the answered prayer to her goodly parents, who wished for a baby girl. So, with joyful hearts, they named her DEO GRACE ( meaning “God’s Grace” ) to celebrate God’s providence. That time, they also prayed for their little baby girl to be a channel of God’s grace and love. This time, they are happy to say ‘it was another prayer answered, another joy in our hearts’. At 33, Pastor Deo Grace “DG” Borlado,
who hails from Jaro, Iloilo, is lighting the world with inspiration and uplifting messages.

She was the Guest Pastor Speaker at the 12th Anniversary of the New Beginnings
Christian Fellowship in Hong Kong (NBCF-HK) on September 9, 2018, where she inspired a congregation of 240, saying “Madali po nating sabihin na, “I am living for God’s glory”, pero sadyang mahirap po ito isapamuhay. However, the good news is, it can be done. If we want to bring depth and meaning to our theme: Living for God’s glory, both in our personal life and community of faith, we must make it a LIFESTYLE -, a daily act that each of us has to engage in.”

When DG was 21 years old, she has accomplished a ‘lifestyle’ of excellence in the pursuit of her college degree. She graduated magna cum laude at Central
Philippine University, Iloilo City in April 2006, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Major
in English, and was recipient of two awards, Special EXCEL Award & Quality English Education Award. She first worked as an English Tutor at the Hanfil Language & TOIEC Center for Korean students. It is no wonder that she became a fan of K-Pop and K-Drama. Thereafter, she became a teacher at Philippine Science High School, Western Visayas campus, for 7 years, handling Grades 7 and 8.

Did she enjoy being a teacher? “It was exciting and challenging,” she said, “but I
felt that I wanted to do more and be more than what I was then. I couldn’t seem to
resign myself to being a teacher. There was a restlessness inside of me because
I knew I was being called elsewhere to serve God and His people. I knew I was
being called to be a Missionary”. Hence in April 2017, after a three-year study, Pastor DG graduated magna cum laude at Union Theological Seminary (in Dasmarinas, Cavite), with a Master of Divinity degree and was recipient of awards in Church History, Biblical Studies, Preaching, Pastoral Care & Counseling, Liturgy, Worship, Music & the Arts, Ecumenics & Missions, and Church Ministries. She also went on a 6-month Discipleship Training School in Antipolo, Rizal from January to July this year, under the ‘Youth with a mission’ program. While in the seminary, she was involved in joint-community projects with Migrante International, the experience of which solidified her desire to be of service to others. “I learned the importance of social holiness and the value of living in community – sharing and taking part in the lives and stories of each member of the community and journeying and working together to achieve the best for each one,” she said.

The community that Pastor DG grew up with was also filled with sharing, primarily  coming from the Jaro Evangelical Church, the first Baptist church in the Philippines, which strengthened her faith. More significantly, she was surrounded by a family of pastors. Her parents are the Rev. Danilo Borlado and Pastor Mary Lou Borlado, who
currently lead the NBCF Hong Kong; her brother, Jec Dan Borlado, is also a pastor
in Iloilo; and her maternal grandparents were both pastors, the Rev. Vicente Silencino and Pastor Felina Silencino. “We can live for God’s glory by anchoring
it on the love we have received from God and those in our community, and by choosing to live in gratitude for every grace and blessing received by remembering
to pay back and pay it forward”, she said her message at the NBCF HK anniversary. To her, life is a gift that offers the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility
to give something back by becoming more. When DG was that little baby girl, her
jubilant parents said she was a special gift from God. No longer the baby girl that
she once was but the adult pastor that she now is, she can truly return that gracious
compliment by telling Mom and Dad “you are my special gift from God, the
wind beneath my wings, who taught me the beauty of life living for God and living
for others”. Indeed, Pastor DG has a wonderful mission ahead of her and it is something that she was born with, – DEO GRACE – God’s grace.