A Note that unites the OFW community

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The Hong Kong Police informed HKNEWS over the phone that they received two phone calls yesterday, 8 October, about an overseas Filipino domestic worker seeking help.

One phone call was received at about 17:36 from a Filipino female caller informing the Police that she saw a note from the window of a neighboring building. Written in the note is the name of the sister of the one holding the note and asking if someone to chat with her sister to help her.

The Police went to the identified particular flat at Festival City at Tai Wai.

The case was classified as a “misunderstanding”, Police said.

Police in charge added, that another call was received by the Police at 19:09 from a security guard of the building. The same information was given to the Police, a note was outside the window with the word “HELP” and a name written on the paper.

Police at the scene classified the case as a “dispute”.

These reports from the Police came after the community of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), with individuals and OFW organizations, shared the information and reported the incident to the authorities: the Police, and the Philippine Consulate General.

Earlier in the same day, in a chat group (CG) some OFWs posted photos of a note held outside the window of the building.

Some of the OFWs in the CG said that the note was from an OFW who was not given food and was not allowed to use her phone by her employer.

The OFW with her ingenuous idea to seek help wrote on a piece of paper asking to contact her sister as she needs help.

Luckily, some compatriots saw it posted on a social media platform, and as to how social media works, it was all over the Filipino community. Prayers to OFW were all in over social media for the OFW for her to be safe from any danger.

One of the OFWs who saw the note called the Police and the Police arrived on the scene.

One OFW informed the Philippine consulate general Raly Tejada, and ConGen Tejada gave assurance that the consulate would attend to the case. Another OFW from the CG also informed the OWWA official. However, as of this time of writing,  the OWWA and the office of the ATN have no information from their end after several messages and calls.