About Owtel

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OWTEL first established in Hong Kong in December 1999 and opened its rst Retail Store Outlet in World
Wide House, selling Mobile Phones, Audio & Visual Products, Accessories, 1624 IDD, and One World
Phone Cards.

Throughout years and with continuous demand for high quality service, our retail stores have expanded
to oer installment plans for Mobile Phones, Audio Visual Products, Accessories and home appliances. We
have also started to accept payment services for IDD bills for our customers’ convenience and also oered
remittance services for Indonesia and the Philippines for migrant workers.

Today, OWTEL has shown its success with a total of 17 branches located all over Hong Kong. It also expanded
to a total of 48 branches worldwide in the last 14 years and can now be found in the US, HK, Canada, Philippines,
and Singapore.