Door to door boxes is FDWs blood and sweat

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Door-to-door boxes of FDWs still not arrived in the location of the recipient four months after it was promised to be shipped.

A timid girl from the province, Prila S. – a 30-year old domestic worker is usually all ears when approached but now anxious because after four months of waiting, the box from her blood and sweat is nowhere to be located.

Prila is one of the many domestic workers who reported against CargoFlex, a “door-to-door” shop located at the 2nd level of the Worldwide building in Central, Hong Kong.

Her box was not yet delivered as promised and she already paid the shipping fee for HK$450. The box would have been shipped via a container van, from Hong Kong to Manila, then Manila to Iloilo within three weeks, as promised by CargoFlex when she paid the cost for the shipment.

The domestic worker is now frustrated because her door-to-door box, contained in a regular-sized cargo box, which is supposedly to be sent to Iloilo on June 13 in preparation for her twin daughters’ birthday celebration on Aug.29 still has not arrive as of reporting.

Her door-to-door box contained essential foods for the birthday celebration—spaghetti noodles and canned tomato sauce—which she wrapped in clothing before placing it inside the box. She also included her presents to her girls which is accessories and fancy items of jewelry, clothing, and purses; gifts that any young girl would desire for and appreciate. Watches she purchased for her husband and in-laws are also included in the package and several grocery items that were pricey in her town.

Prila’s twin kids were thrilled and excited when they heard that a door-to-door box will be delivered to them. They were dreaming about their upcoming 8th birthday party, and had been anticipating their mother’s gifts.

In July, Prila phoned the company shortly after the claimed delivery date, to inquire if the package had been delivered. According to a store representative, the cargo is a little delayed but promised her that it will be delivered without a doubt.

Prila contacted many times the shop but informed her that the box had not yet been delivered. She phoned and followed up several times, hoping for a favorable response but there was no door-to-door box delivery when the twin’s birthday happened.

The 30-year-old domestic worker who has been with her employer in Hong Kong for three years has been working to be able to provide for her family in the Philippines.

She even phoned the manager in the Philippines numerous times to inquire about the location of her package and finally went to the Philippine consulate to report her case on Sept. 19.

Despite her distress, she stated that she will not stop following up with the company until the box is sent to her family since the money she spent to buy the items to be sent came from her hard labor as a domestic worker.

When asked why she’s doing it, she repeatedly answered back “what inside the box came from my blood and sweat.”

She has no qualms about calling the store manager many times and meeting in person to discuss the issue.