Dream Come True For Mom and Daughter

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OFW Marissa Dumagsa and her daughter, Marianne Jene

MARISSA Dumagsa, 42-year-old and a single mom from Ormoc City, was full of joy when she learned that her daughter Marianne Jene, 21, successfully passed the October 2017 licensure examination for mechanical engineers.

Amid the excitement, the first thing that the happy mother did was to sincerely pray and thank God for His guidance and protection during this beautiful journey together with her daughter.

It was this prayerful attitude—having faith in the Almighty—that has kept her so much hopeful that Marianne would be able to achieve her dream of becoming a mechanical engineer someday.

“If you believe, you can achieve with faith”, she said. Fittingly, the same motivation is also seen in the desirous heart of daughter Marianne who said, “Believe in yourself and have faith.”

April 4, 2017 was a red-letter day for mom and daughter. It was the day Marianne Jene graduated from the Eastern Visayas State University with a BS Mechanical Engineering degree. For Marissa and her daughter Marianne, it was a day when their dream came true.

October 4, 2017 was another red-letter day for the two women. That day, the results of the board exams were released, making Marissa proud because it confirmed that she now had a mechaninical engineer in her daughter Marianne.

Marissa had been working in Hong Kong since September 2007 and is on her fifth employer. She first started working overseas in the Middle East and stayed there for 10 years before coming here.

Similar to the thousands of OFWs, her reason for working overseas was to earn more and to improve the living standards of her family back home.

She said that the life of an OFW is difficult and full of sacrifices. And sometimes, it could even be depressing when you find yourself at the receiving end of lots of verbal abuse from your employer. She said one needs to be more patient to overcome and endure these challenges.

Marissa tells her fellow OFWs to “learn to value your sacrifice, save, and reach up to Him in faith”.

Evidently, this is what helped Marissa reach her goals and dreams in life, one of which is already a cherished accomplishment—- the college degree that Marianne obtained in April 2017.

The close bonds that Marissa cultivated with her daughter played a key role in making this happen.

During her regular talks with Marianne, the OFW would always tell her, “Anak (Daughter), life is beautiful  and I want you to value it more so you can have a brighter future ahead of you.”

“I am here to support you financially and emotionally. You hold the future in your hands. Be the woman who you want to be. If you desire to be an engineer, let it be,” she would say.

Despite the long distance that separates them, Marianne had always been a good, obedient and responsible daughter.

She is one to thank God for the blessings she had received and for having a loving mom who provides her the encouragement and the inspiration.

Asked what inspires her to keep the faith, the young daughter quoted Psalm 66:19: “But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.”

Marianne is now working and honing her young professional career in Ormoc City and has promised to take care of her mom when she decides to come home for good. It’s another dream she wants to come true sooner than later.