Filipina worker now healing after infection on her surgery

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A before and after photo of the infected wound of the Filipino Domestic Worker who went for an operation for her appendicitis. Photo Courtesy: Ferlita

After weeks of horrifying experience of pain, Ferlita, 28, could finally say she is now a bit physically fine and just need rest for complete healing after her surgery.

Her pain started last Aug. 19, while working at her employer, she felt a sharp pain in the lower part of her abdomen. She immediately informed her employer about it but her employer did not send her to the hospital because of the fear for Covid -19 virus.

When Popo – her employer’s mother – saw Ferlita in pain, she was sent  to the clinic. Ferlita received some medicines for her stomach pain from the doctor at the clinic. The pain continued until Aug. 22 even after taking her medicines. It worsened and she started to vomit. She went to the Eastern Hospital but was sent back home after few hours.

With worsening unbearable pain the Filipino worker went to the hospital again, this time at Queen Elizabeth hospital. After several medical tests, the cause of the pain was diagnosed as appendicitis and she underwent an operation – appendectomy –  immediately. She had a wound on her lower abdomen that resulted from the cut made during the surgery.

Four days after the surgery, the nurse in the hospital asked Ferlita to walk. She tried but said she felt  uncomfortable walking yet.  While recuperating, she felt an irritating pain on her wound from the surgical procedure.  She learned later that the wound was infected.

The doctor found out that there’s pus – a thick fluid containing dead tissue, cells and bacteria -in the wound caused by the infection. To take the pus out from the wound, it needed to be partly opened. The nurse opened the wound to take out the pus.

Ferlita felt excruciating pain from the infection of the wound. Other than the pain caused by the partly-open wound, she said it is hard for her to move. This predicament lasted more than two-weeks.

After weeks of pain and frustrations, the Filipina worker is thankful that she survived.

“Una po sa lahat very thankful ako kay Lord na binigyan pa ako nang buhay kasi sobrang hirap at sakit ang pinagdaanan ko. Salamat din sa mga kaibigan at cousins na tumulung din para agad ako madala sa hospital.”

She also have a message to other domestic workers who might face experience like what had happened to her.

“Kaya yung iba wag mawawalan ng pa-asa kahit mahirap, lumaban at kumapit lang sa taas. Hindi ka pababayaan kasia akala ko yun na ang last ng buhay ko pero hndi pala: pagsubok lang pala sa akin. Kaya hanggang naka labas ako sa hospital unti-unting na akong nak-arecover hanggang ngayon.”

Ferlita was scheduled to go back to the Philippines on Oct. 7, 2021, she told Hong Kong News.

Any donations for Ferlita would be appreciated. She currently needs medicines, vitamins, and healthy foods for her complete healing.

You can send your donation through Shiela Mae Bajado:
Gcash account no: 09351017109

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